About Addiction Buster®

What We Stand For:

Alternative Addiction Treatment for Alcoholism, Drug Addiction Addictive Behaviors

            • We stand for seeing alcoholics and addicts get clean and sober by following an alternative addiction treatment or recovery plan that is safe, non-addicting and affordable.
            • We stand for seeing alcoholics and addicts overcome their addiction, by following an alternative addiction treatment plan, without having to drain their bank account dry in the process.
            • We stand for seeing that privacy is protected so that alcoholics and addicts can beat their addiction without the whole world knowing about it, all while living in the comfort of their home.
            • We stand for seeing that alcoholics and addicts get a long-term solution to the long-term problem of dealing with an addiction.

What We Stand Against:

            • We stand against addiction treatment and therapy that is designed to fill the pockets of those running the addiction treatment centers, programs and facilities, while those suffering with the addiction leave only to relapse within 48 hours of completing the rehab program.
            • We stand against expensive addiction treatment, therapy, and programs that do not deliver successful results; those with a very low success rate, yet who charge tens of thousands of dollars anyway.
            • We stand against an addiction treatment program and therapy that overprescribe addicting prescription drugs and medications that cause harmful side effects and usually just end up in an exchange of one addicting substance for another.
            • We stand against a system that preys on those struggling and fighting to get by in life — those who are trying to overcome their demons, but who need help — help that is safe, practical, effective and affordable.

What We’re Doing About It

            • We’re connecting you with partners who can provide you with holistic alternative addiction treatment, therapy, and services that are backed by a solid guarantee. 
            • We’re delivering books, alternative addiction treatment resources and materials that provide step-by-step instructions on how to overcome your addiction or deal with legal problems related to alcohol or drug abuse. 
            • We’re making our herbal addiction supplements, online addiction treatment center and alternative addiction treatment resources affordable and convenient for you.  
            • We’re offering alternative addiction treatment that doesn’t require a prescription, thousands of dollars in the bank or expensive health insurance in order to get effective addiction treatment or addiction therapy.