Herbal Remedies for Drug Addiction

images (4)Herbal remedies for drug addiction is a topic that is gaining interest as a form of treatment for addictive disease. The entire concept for alternative therapies to treat any type of disease process is gaining momentum here in the United States and world wide.

Alternative medicine has only recently embraced the concept that any type of an addiction is actually a disease. It was not until the 1950’s that the American Medical Association classified alcoholism s a formal disease.

This is very recent in therms of world wide therapies and the way diseases are viewed. Many cultures in the world have considered addiction a disease before it was thought of as such in the United States. As a consequence herbal remedies for drug addiction has emerged here in the United States as well as other parts of the world.


Traditional medicine relies on strict criteria and medication to treat addictions. The medication is usually prescription medicine and frequently is addicting itself.

A big problem in the care that addicts receive is that it is not consistent or uniform. The care givers will change the medications used and the aftercare medication as well.

This creates problems for the patient who may end up with a bag full of prescription medications he or she doesn’t know what they are for or how to take them. A huge problem is that care givers commonly prescribe addicting medications to addicts.

A person who seeks herbal remedies for drug addiction will probably not have these dangerous pitfalls. Herbal remedies for drug addiction represent a whole constellation of treatment options other than traditional medical ones.

Herbal remedies for drug addiction might refer to many types of approaches to treat addictions. These therapies could include: acupuncture, hypnosis, aroma therapy, chiropractic, homeopathic, herbal/supplement, reflexology, chelation treatments, and other modalities which are evolving as I write this article.

It is not the purpose of this presentation to describe each of these treatments for addiction in detail, but to understand herbal remedies for drug addiction, we will examine some of these therapies.

Hypnosis is a form of herbal remedies for drug addiction that has had remarkable success with some individuals with addictions. Cigarette smokers seem to have luck with hypnosis.

Hypnosis is supposed to place subconscious thoughts or commands in susceptible people. Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. These providers work on the bodies electrical fields and I have heard of some remarkable results using this therapy.

Aroma therapy is big in Florida and I have heard a great deal about it’s use in treating addictions. I am sure it has been used as herbal remedies for drug addiction. This type of treatment is good for mood change.

Chiropractic care may offer a mode of treatment for herbal remedies for drug addiction. These providers have a multitude of approaches for health care issues and some of them undoubtedly treat addictions as well.

You would want to see which Chiropractor works in this area and might provide some type of herbal remedies for drug addiction. Homeopaths and Naturopaths are interesting practitioners.

These care givers have a novel approach to health care which uses small amounts of the offending substance to build up the bodies immunity to it. I have not dealt with these care givers and their recommendations for herbal remedies for drug addiction. They may have some valid approaches.

Herbal/Supplements have a wide application in health care through out the world. These remedies and cures were around thousands of years before any pharmaceutical company opened their doors.

These herbs and supplements provide a perfect example for herbal remedies for drug addiction in the treatment of addictive disease. This approach is used world wide and the science behind these countless methods is difficult to put in specific terms.

Undoubtedly this herbal remedies for drug addiction approach has merit and is worth while. Reflexology as another herbal remedies for drug addiction approach for addictions is interesting treatment.

Reflexology uses specific areas of the feet to treat diseases. Reflexology has many followers and I am sure it helps some people. I do no believe it is use is wide spread for addictive disease.

Chelation therapy as a means of herbal remedies for drug addiction is used quite often. This treatment uses IVs (intravenous solutions) to cleanse the blood and help the person rid his or her body of toxins that are associated with a particular disease.

I have seen this done on patients and I was not impressed. There may be improved forms of this treatment that would provide a sound basis for herbal remedies for drug addiction.


The bottom line on any of these approaches for an addiction is simple. The individual must keep an open mind. No matter which avenue the person follows they must be willing to change.

No matter which herbal remedies for drug addiction method is attempted, the addict is going to have to work hard at their recovery and be honest with themselves. Any herbal remedies for drug addiction approach should include some type of support group.

Addictions are tricky and relapse with ant type of treatment approaches 90%. Support groups provide a means for behavioral change. This is important.

In simple terms it’s like this, if you keep doing what you always did, you will continue doing what you always did. Support groups also provide interaction with people who have overcome their addictions and they may serve as mentors to new comers.


Modern medical practice has made it almost impossible to get care for any addiction. The cost is insane. I mean how many addicts have $ 20,0000- $ 30,000 to pay some “treatment center”?

This is an insult to common sense and people’s intelligence. The insurance companies have really put the screws to any type of treatment unless you are an: executive, politician, movie star or athlete.

These are the simple facts and it is sad but true. The little guy gets screwed and the suffering addict is in a horrible position for any type of help.

Thus herbal remedies for drug addiction approaches are often the only type of treatment that the suffering addict can access. This is not a bad thing though. Many of these herbal remedies for drug addiction approaches are superior to traditional medical treatments.

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