Heroin Addiction Treatment

1280px-Anal_HeroinHeroin addiction treatment has long been the goal of society. The problems associated with heroin addiction treatment have been well known for may years.

There have been many attempts to solve this problem and many social disciplines have been employed.

As with any addiction, the church was commonly seen as a possible means for heroin addiction treatment.

Individuals who had any type of addiction were seen as morally bankrupt or in need of a religious rebirth. Of course this seldom if ever worked and other means were tried to help with heroin addiction treatment.

Frequently people with addictions were thought to be mentally insane and needed institutionalization. This of course did not work and cost a ton of money.

many tears passed until the medical community began to consider that addiction might be a disease and in the 1950’s they finally classified alcoholism as a disease.

This is important because heroin addiction treatment must be viewed in the context of an established disease model.


When one considers addiction as a disease model, they must consider the anatomy of the brain and the neurotransmitters that carry messages to specific areas of the brain.

It seems that all addictions are mediated through the pleasure center of the brain and involve the neurotransmitter dopamine. Understanding how this works, will help to understand heroin addiction treatment.

Addicting substances and addicting behaviors release dopamine in the brain’s pleasure. Over time tolerance develops and this creates the need for heroin addiction treatment.

With ongoing addiction the brains membranes change. These tissues are subjected to abnormal levels of several neurotransmitters.

These changes are responsible for the need for heroin addiction treatment.

The object in treatment is to normalize the brains pleasure center and to stabilize the brains tissues and membranes that have been altered electrically and chemically.


Heroin addiction treatment must include a major changes in the individual’s life style and way of thinking. Unless the addict is not willing to change, nothing is going to happen.

This initial willingness to change is the first thing required for success with heroin addiction treatment.

The change must come from within the addict and there should also also be some guidelines for the addicted person to follow.

Nearly any addict requires some sort of blue print for success to overcome his or here addiction and be successful in their heroin addiction treatment.

There are many templates that have been successful for overcoming addictive disease. Nearly all of them are based on some of behavioral modification.

The b est know example is probably the 12 Step program of Alcoholic’s Anonymous founded in 1935 in Akron Ohio.

This 12 Step model has been a gold standard for many types of addiction.It is difficult to say what the success rate is for any particular 12 Step program but they are certainly better than doing nothing.

Church groups, counseling, intensive outpatient, in patient, doctors, and a plethora of other care givers are ready to help. Who knows what works best and will help with heroin addiction treatment.

The only thing for sure is that nothing will work unless the addict is willing to change.


In the course of heroin addiction treatment it may be necessary to use medications. This is acceptable in certain circumstances if the medications are used correctly and the person is not left taking addicting medication.

Situations such as this only make the problem worse. Many medications used in the short term treatment of heroin addiction treatment are used to treat the mood or other body systems that may have been damaged due to addiction.

There are also alternative treatment methods for heroin addiction treatment. The advantage of these approaches id that the majority are less expensive and may not get insurance companies involved.

Whenever insurance companies are involved in the treatment of addictive disease , the individual runs the risk of people learning about their addiction. This can cost them their job, standing in the community or other horrible consequences.

The advantage of herbal/supplement treatment in heroin addiction treatment is that these compounds are non addictive and can be taken by the suffering addict when they need it in the privacy of their home.

Any herbal/supplement or non addicting medication which is given for heroin addiction treatment, should be taken for a long time.

Next question, what is a long time? This is hard to answer but most addictions have been present for many years in people when they finally seek help.

The majority of people seeking heroin addiction treatment should probably take some sort of herbal/supplements or non addicting medication to help their brain’s heal for at least two years and then on an as needed basis. Addiction is never cured.

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    I showed this page to a friend of mine and he ordered a bunch of the herbal treatments and believe it or not it helped him alot. He said it helped him to relax and sleep. Also he said he had more energy durring the day. People think that they need somthing really strong like suboxine or methadone. Those allmost as bad as the heroin. Methadone is actually harder to come off than herion. I definitely recommend trying some herbal supplements.

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